In Rememberence
Five Flags Members who have passed on and are now Silent Keys.

If you know a member of Five Flags Amateur Radio Association who has passed on, please email me at webmaster. If you have a picture it would be appreciated along with any club related history of the member.

James S. "Stan" Marshall KB4SVB

Stan became a silent key March 26, 2017. Stan was a native and lifelong resident of Pensacola. He was an alumni of Tate High School and was a veteran of the Army National Guard. Stan was a long time member of the Five Flags Amateur Radio Association and an active member of the Escambia Search and Rescue. He was a founding member of the Wire Rascal's Net.

Desmond "Des" Yong N4DY

July 17, 1926 - January 13, 2017

Amateur radio has lost one of its biggest gems. Des Yong was licensed in 1947 and was a radio operator in the British Army. Des immigrated to the United States in 1957 and settled in the Florida Pan Handle working for the State Department of Forestry.

Des was a fixture on many nets and was a go to person on procedures and operations. He was the Escambia County EC for much of the 1970's and early 1980's. Even in his late 80's, Des was ever present on Emergency Nets and Field Days. Des was the highlight of an article about Amateur radio and Field Day Operations in the Pensacola News Journal on July 6, 2014.

Pensacola News Journal

Desmond Yong was a founding member of the Five Flags Amateur Radio Association. Des' guidance, knowledge, experience and friendship will be sorely missed.

Paul A. DeTamble LCDR USNRet N4TPS

Paul was a late bloomer when it came to Amatuer Radio. At 82, he took to the hobby of HAM radio like he did with everything - 110%. Paul was designated a Naval Aviator in 1942 and flew TBF Avengers. In 1945 he was assigned to Torpedo Squadron 150 on board CV-39 USS Lake Champlain. He was in the first group to transition into jets and flew F9F Panther aboard the USS Kearsarge. Paul was selected and was a member of the United States Navy Test Pilots School Class 11. (Scott Carpenter, Aurora 7 Astronaut was in Class 13) Paul logged combat time in three wars. His favorite aircraft was the Douglas A4 Skyhawk. He had a picture of himself leading a flight of "Scooters" hanging in his HAM shack.

Paul became a Silent Key on June 29, 2015 at the age of 92.

John Meyer K4MON

John was born in Saraland, AL, in 1928. He was licensed as a teen in the forties. He moved to Pensacola as an adult but spent every weekend back in his shack at his parents' house. He was mainly an experimenter with QRP and home-brew. He was into ATV in the 50s and 60s and liked the low bands for rag chewing. John spent 30 years as an operations manager at Nabisco in Pensacola. He lost both legs to an arterial disease after 1985, but he never let it slow him down or dampen his spirit. During his last two years, he designed wheelchair retainers for his van and electric lifts for his bed--a builder to the end. He had a brilliant mind in a failed body, and died happy on January 16, 2016.

Wayne Barr KQ4OW

KQ4OW was a long time member of FFARA. Wayne was a constant presence at Club events.
Wayne worked many ARES activations and was a volunteer at many of the public events FFARA provided communications for such as the Blue Angel Marathon, Double Bridge Run, and the Fiesta 10K Run among others.

Wayne was also in the original group who put the Pensacola Lighthouse on the air for the first time. (The Photo of Wayne was taken inside the Lighthouse during the 1st of 2 Special Events held there that Wayne was a part of.)

Wayne was heavily involved with the Amateur Radio Staion at the Brown-Barge Middle School.

Harvey Campbell W4EQR

W4EQR was a Past President of FFARA. Harvey goes back to when FFARA met at the Old USO building on Spring Street.

Harvey's Daugher, Judy Greunke, became an Amateur Radio Operator and secured her Father's Callsign in honor of him.

Lawrence Alva Flowers KD4QL

Besides Amateur Radio he was a prolific inventor, even though in his modesty, you would never have known unless you asked. Few in the local HAM community knew he spent 12 years authoring a book on Castnet Making and was constantly involved with "tweaking" the text and illustrations.


Hank was a long standing memmber of FFARA who was deeply involved in all club activities, was a great Elmer and a good friend to to all that knew him. Hank was called away from his microphone abrubtly by the H2N1 virus. Honorary pallbearers were all members The Five Flags Amateur Radio Association.

Hank's wife, Mitzi Presley Holt, provided the artwork of the Pensacola Lighthouse
that was included in the brochure W4UC sent out with the QSL cards for the Club's Pensacola Lighthouse Special Event.

Al Leblanc KD4YJJ

Al became a Silent Key on Jun 4th, 2014 after a long battle
with cancer. People who weren't aware of his fight would never guess he had cancer.
Al always thought of others before himself. Al was the 1st person in line to help out club members with
antenna raising, special events or anything thing he felt he could help out with.


Gasper, KB4OFA was a fixture at FFARA meetings and ARES Opperations. Keeping the the Traditions
of the FFARA, Gasper was involved in many ARES operations, Special Events and an Elmer


Colonel William "Bill" H. Behrends, Jr USAF Ret WA4YRN

WA4YRN was a member of the FFARA when it was the FM Repeater Assoc and also the Sharks Club. He was responsible for taking new HAMS and Elmering them in the Craft that we enjoy today. He was the "HOW TO BOOK" on coordinating hams with the Race Directors

James Elmer Fordham, Jr. WA4MYF

Jim was avid HAM radio enthusiast, he was a long time member of the Five Flags Amateur Radio Association. He was a familiar fixture at many Field Day and Hamfest activities. Jims amateur activities eventually led to another career in the two-way communications and paging business as the owner of Total Communications.